Top Things You Can Do In Bethesda To Have Fun In 2018

If you have been wondering how to spend the whole weekend in Bethesda, MD, this is the high time to rethink. The thriving suburb community is a home to a variety of recreational facilities. Classic restaurants offer the best dining experience while the museums do the epic. In case you traveled with your children into the city, you may be surprised if they insist on staying longer than scheduled. Below are some of the features that have seen the city attract a large group of people.

Bethesda salt cave

This is a unique salt cave at downtown, Bethesda. The cave has salt that is used in a variety of ways. The salts are used in therapy sessions. People come in to have a breath of the salt air. It is said that the salt air is used to eliminate some problems like sleeping problems, relief to people with asthma, and improving the breathing system. One visiting the place may get out with an additional benefit apart from the intended purpose; entertainment.

Ratner Museum

Having traveled to this city, Bethesda, MD, you will have an opportunity to enrich your Jewish history through your visit to the museum. The museum boasts a wealth of pre-historic artifacts and sculptures. The museum has a wide range of photographs, books, and paintings that depict distinct aspects of Jewish culture. Some part of American history has also been captured in the museum. Concerts held in the museum may too decorate your weekend.

Children’s Imagination Stage

If you happen to have visited the city alongside your children, they won’t keep on asking when to go back. Children imagination stage will catch their attention. The kids’ theater company offers services as modern classical music plays. This goes along some parallel events like dancing, acting, and music that the theater harbors, geared towards entertaining the children.
The family-friendly shows at the imagination stage run throughout the year. During the weekend, the pace is still maintained. To match the children’s mood is a Kid Museum. It is located at Davis Library. The long weekend can be shortened here by having them participate in regular events in the Kids Museum like engaging them in innovative and pleasurable activities.

The Bethesda Blues and Jazz Super Club

Having sorted out your kids, you will not be left outside. The Bethesda Blues and Jazz Super club will serve you right. Music from top artists will keep you entertained all night. The same place is a perfect arena to have your soups, entrees, and salads. The dinner menu has a variety of meals including the delicious gluten-free dish. To the lovers of music and dance, the dance floor is made available during special dance nights.

The takeaway

Having the pack of activities as mentioned above will keep your weekend engaged and fulfilling. These, among other scenery, facilities, and activities, will help roll down your weekend at your locale in style. The friendly destination will keep you entertained, if not motivated or educated. The ‘must see’ scenery are breath taking and will only leave you with the urge to catch more glimpse of the same. Therefore, Bethesda remains to be the peak destination for both resident and non-resident visitors