Headaches & Neck Tension

"I can Sing Again!"

“I’m a music instructor as well as singer. The tension in my neck was actually making it harder for me to sing! After coming to Dr. Aplin, my neck feels better and its actually easier for me to sing again!”

- Carrie E.

Car Accident

"I Was Overweight and Hurt Everywhere…"

“Before coming to see Dr. Aplin, I had just suffered not one, but 2 ankle sprains! As a result of not being able to walk properly, my lower back started to hurt as well. In just a few sessions my ankles improved about 80% and my lower back pain was gone.”

- Zannie M.

Chronic Neck Pain

"The best my neck has felt in my adult life"

“I can’t even remember the last time my neck felt this good. I’ve had neck problems for years and had almost given up hope. This is the best its felt in my entire adult life!”

- Carolyn S.

Fall From Horse

"My knee is 95% better!"

“I had complications after knee surgery and was still having pain. I tried physical therapy but the pain never went away and I was afraid I would have to go for another surgery. I’ve been seeing Dr. Aplin for just a few months now and my Knee feels 95% better. I’m very happy I came.”

- Erdem I.

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