2018 Must See Landmarks In Bethesda MD

Situated northwest of Washington DC, Bethesda MD is a suburb which hits the news headlines every once in a while for all the good reasons. It takes after the name of a local church known as Bethesda Meeting house and it has a population of approximately 63, 374 people. If you are planning to visit Bethesda or on your way there, then you are in luck because below are some of the must-see landmarks and things to do in this famous suburban town of Maryland.

Enjoy live concerts at Strathmore music center

One of the must-see landmarks in Bethesda, MD is the Strathmore music center and performance. It is a charming center with about 2000 seats and has a lot of space something that attracts musicians and artists from all over the world. Besides the music center, Strathmore also has an outdoor sculpture garden where you could take breathtaking photos and an outdoor concert pavilion. As mentioned, it attracts artists from across the world and all genres of music from pop, jazz, classical music to any other you just mention it. The mansion at Strathmore also features a tea room for the tea lovers, but you have to visit on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Bethesda MD art walk

Change your routine of clubbing and partying and instead take yourself on an art tour in the plenty of galleries and studios in Bethesda MD. They are usually open to the public on the second Friday of each month and if it happens to find you there or you happen to go there during that Friday then you will get access to some of the best local artworks ranging from paintings, sculpture, textiles, pottery and many others.

Glen Echo Park

Take a trip down memory lane by paying a visit to this amusement park situated southwest of Bethsaida. The park was established in the late 1890's and used to serve Washington until 1968. If you would like to shake a leg, then the Glen Echo Park is a suitable landmark for you thanks to all season's dances which are held here and some of the most famous ones being the Spanish ones. There are also myriads of visual art shows held in this Bethesda MD Park such as puppet shows, and additionally, visitors are enlightened on matters environment and how to take care of it. Lastly, there is an adventure theater within the park which offers drama classes and workshops for children. There are plenty of educational programs which will be of benefit to you and even more for your children if you carried them along for the trip.

Interact with nature at Capital Crescent trail

The capital crescent trail is yet another landmark which you should not miss while visiting Bethesda MD. It connects the small suburban town to a few other cities within its vicinity such as Georgetown and Silver Spring. If you like taking off time to explore nature and just enjoy the peace that comes with being in such a place, then it is suitable for you. You can walk, bike, jog or even use roller blades.

Special events

Besides landmarks, Bethesda MD also hosts a long string of festivals and fun activities which you should attend. The good thing about them is that they are held all year round, and there are plenty of fun things to do such as interacting with new people, dancing among many others. Some of them include the taste of Bethesda, imagination Bethesda and many others which or on her calendar.