Struggling with Poor Posture in Bethesda?

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Our parents and grandparents have spent years emphasizing the importance of proper posture. In their case, it was usually a verbal admonition to stand up straight or not to slouch, but the message is still there. Too many people nowadays spend endless hours hunched over their keyboard, or flopped back in reclining chairs that do nothing to support the back.

Why is good posture important?

Good posture is easy to learn and is important for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Keeps all the joints correctly aligned to prevent abnormal wear (Any abnormal wear could result in joint pain and even degenerative arthritis if left untreated)
  • Reduces ligament stress in the spine, thereby reducing chance of injury
  • Allows muscle to work correctly and efficiently, eliminating muscle fatigue and reducing the chance for muscle injuries
  • Prevents muscle strain
  • Can prevent back and muscle pain

Who is at risk for poor posture?

Anyone can suffer from poor posture, but there are a variety of conditions that can exacerbate the problems caused by poor posture, including stress, depression, pregnancy, weak or unusually tight muscles, obesity, or other similar conditions. Women who wear high heeled shoes often suffer from poor posture because the way the shoes are positioned force the body into an incorrect form in order to compensate for a shifted center of balance.

It is important to learn healthy sitting and standing habits in order to ensure that your posture is correct and you are not inadvertently damaging your bones, muscles, and joints.

What can a chiropractor do to help with my posture?

The root of any posture problem often exists within the spine. A chiropractor will observe the way you stand before and after your spine is realigned. This will give him a good idea of what parts of your stance change when your spine is incorrectly aligned. From there, your chiropractor can suggest changes to the way you work, stand, sit and lie down to help to improve your overall posture.

What options does physical therapy present?

A physical therapist will provide the same assessment that a chiropractor does about your current posture and stance. The primary difference is that a therapist will then develop a series of exercises designed to strengthen your muscles and improve your overall posture. These should be done every day, or several times per week at the very minimum.

Is there anything I can do to improve my posture at home?

Stretching and exercising regularly can actually help to improve your posture naturally. A yoga class, for example, will do all of this while teaching you balance and relaxation techniques at the same time.


In time, if you pay attention to your body, you will begin to notice when you start to slouch and will be able to correct your posture automatically. In the meantime, a trip to your local chiropractor can be a great way to get all the tools you need to improve your posture and your overall outlook on life.

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