Plantar Fasciitis in Bethesda


Plantar fasciitis is quite possibly the most common cause of heel pain reported in the United Sates. It is most often suffered by runners, people who are on their feet all day, and people who are overweight or obese. Some of the common treatments for plantar fasciitis can be invasive and painful. A visit to your local chiropractor or physical therapist can be just as effective in treating the symptoms of plantar fasciitis.

What causes Plantar Fasciitis?

The plantar fascia is a thick band of tissue that runs along the bottom of your foot. Its primary function is to connect your heel bone to your toes. When this band of tissue becomes inflamed, it can cause intense pain when you first step out of bed in the morning, or stand after sitting for period of time. The pain usually fades after a few minutes but while it lasts it can be debilitating.

What options does physical therapy offer for plantar fasciitis pain?

Physical therapists are able to offer a variety of treatments to help reduce and eventually eliminate the pain of plantar fasciitis. Once the degree of inflammation is determined, the physical therapist will put together a series of exercises designed to properly stretch the Achilles tendon and the plantar fascia, as well as to strengthen the muscles in the lower leg.

Your physical therapist may also recommend the use of night splints. These are constructed to hold your leg in a lengthened position overnight, which keep both the Achilles tendon and the plantar fascia properly stretched.

What options does a chiropractor offer for plantar fasciitis pain?

The most common form of chiropractic treatment is known as instrument-assisted soft tissue manipulation or IASTM. This can actually be done at home, since it should be performed several times per day. Heat is applied, and then the tendons and ligaments are stretched.

Chiropractic manipulation is another tool that your chiropractor can employ. This helps to restore normal joint movement and function, which can in turn take some of the stress and tension off of the plantar fascia.

Extracorporeal shock-wave therapy is another treatment that may be employed for the abatement of plantar fasciitis pain, but it has fallen out of favor in recent years.

Other things to consider

Plantar fasciitis can be caused or exacerbated by obesity or high body weight. If you are overweight or obese, consider implementing a diet and exercise plan to lose weight. This may help alleviate some or all of your plantar fasciitis pain without ever having to visit a doctor. It also has the added benefit of making you healthier overall.

If you are on your feet for a large portion of the day, that could also be contributing to your heel pain. Look into a good pair of shoes or talk to your chiropractor about orthotics to help support the plantar fascia and the Achilles tendon.

Severe heel pain is not something that anyone should have to deal with. If you are suffering or suspect you are suffering from plantar fasciitis, contact your local chiropractor to find out what your options are.

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