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With regards to settling on critical decisions about treatment alternatives for back pain, it merits taking a gander at the encounters of other people who have discovered something that works. As of late, the Consumer Reports Health Ratings Center has overviewed the magazine's endorsers of do quite recently that. In April and May 2009, Consumer Reports discharged some of its discoveries freely. A synopsis shows up beneath.

About the Survey Participants

  • More than 14,000 members who had experienced lower-back pain in the earlier year however had never had back surgery.
  • More than half detailed that pain seriously restricted their everyday routine for a week or more.
  • Many announced that pain meddled with rest, sex and endeavors to keep up a sound weight.
  • 88% detailed that the pain repeated as the year progressed.
  • Most had attempted five or six distinct medicines.

How Respondents Ranked the Healthcare Providers Who Had Treated Them


Healthcare Provider Percent Who Were Highly Satisfied With Treatment and Advice*
Chiropractor 59%
Physical Therapist+ 55%
Acupuncturist 53%
Physician, Specialist 44%
Physician, Primary Care 34%


*Defined as either Completely Satisfied or Very Satisfied.

+Difference in ranking for Physical Therapist and Acupuncturist were not statistically significant.

How Respondents Ranked Selected Back Pain Therapies


Therapy Percentage Who Reported that the Therapy Helped a Lot
Chiropractic Manipulation 58%
Prescription Drugs 45%
Over-the-Counter Drugs 22%


In July 2011, Consumer Reports distributed a redesigned report portraying how Americans utilize elective ways to deal with social insurance and their involvement with different treatments and their suppliers. Chiropractic mind at the end of the day was accounted for to be the most prominent way to deal with back pain alleviation and was positioned most profoundly as far as patient fulfillment.

How Your Chiropractic Physician Can Help Relieve Back Pain

Your Doctor of Chiropractic can help ease back pain and reestablish portability by utilizing a medication free, hands-on method called "spinal control" or "Chiropractic conformity". He or she may likewise utilize other manual treatments, for example, back rub, to supplement this essential treatment. Moreover, numerous chiropractors are gifted in outlining activity and nourishment programs for their patients that will help their bodies oppose damage and capacity appropriately. By concentrating on both prompt pain alleviation and the fundamental reasons for back pain, your chiropractor can help you accomplish a more advantageous general way of life.

In the event that you or somebody you think about is experiencing back pain, call your chiropractor today.

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