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arthritis of the knee

Knee pain can be excruciating but it is also one of the most common reasons for a visit to the doctor where muscle or skeletal problems are the concern. Some of the common treatments for knee pain can be nearly as painful as the problem that they are supposed to fix. Thankfully, there a number of physical therapy and chiropractic-centric treatments available that are designed to minimize pain rather than cause it.

What can cause knee pain?

Knee pain can be caused by any number of reasons, some more serious than others. Osteoarthritis is the most common cause of knee pain in athletes, for example, and in patients over the age of 60. Other potential causes include:

  • Bone chips: small chips of bone that can cause the joint to freeze
  • Bursitis: swelling in the bursa, the fluid sac that cushions the knee joint
  • Tendonitis: swelling in the tendons of the knee

This is just a small sampling of the possible causes of knee pain.

These injuries most often present themselves in the form of pain, swelling, or stiffness in the joint. If you have experienced one or all of these symptoms, then it may be time to call your local chiropractor.

What help can a chiropractor offer for my knee pain?

This will depend greatly on the initial cause of the pain. Your first appointment with a chiropractor will be largely used to determine the cause of your pain and whether or not chiropractic treatment is going to help.

Most likely, your chiropractor will ask about the history of the injury, and will take you through a series of range of motion exercises to see the full extent of the potential damage. He or she will also, if necessary, order x-rays or MRI scans to determine if there is any serious damage to the bones or soft tissue in the knee.

Once the reason for your knee pain is discovered, your chiropractor will be able to set up a treatmenet plan for you, or if necessary, refer to you a phycial therapist or an orthopedist, as needed, for treatment.

Sprains, strains, and some problems caused by joint overuse can all be treated by your local chiropractor.

What help can a physical therapist offer for my knee pain?

Physical therapy, when it comes to knees, is most often focused on range of motoin and improving strenths. A physical therapist appointment will be similar to an appointment with a chiropractor, in that he or she will take down your injury history and attempt to determine the cause of your pain. From there, the therapist will be able to set up a customized stretching and exercise plan which will provide the most benefit and the most relief from the pain in your joint.


While knee pain is common, there is no reason for you to suffer needlessly. Make an appointment with your local physical therapist or chiropractor today and see what a difference their treatment can make on your knee pain.

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