Chiropractic Treatments for Neck Pain

Neck pain is quickly becoming the most commonly reported type of acute and chronic pain in the nation. Current polls put it just behind lower back pain, and leave it tied with migraine or headache pain. What are the most common causes of neck pain? What is the best way to treat this pain? Your local Bethesda Chiropractor has the answers you’re looking for.

What are the most common causes of neck pain?

The neck is one of the most flexible parts of the body and because of this, it does not have as much support and is prone to injury. The most common causes of neck pain are:

  • Soft tissue injuries (Injuries to the ligaments, tendons or muscles)
  • Whiplash, most commonly due to car accidents
  • Conditions that effect the spinal cord, heart and/or lungs
  • Arthritis in the spine

Some patients may also find themselves suffering neck pain due to working on a computer or at a desk all day. Thankfully, most of these causes can be easily treated with common chiropractic and physical therapy techniques. Visit your local Bethesda chiropractic clinic to learn more.

How many people experience this kind of pain?

The number varies from day to day but on any given day, up to 12% of the male population of the United States, and 9% of the female population suffers from moderate to severe neck pain. On average, that totals out to about 75.6 million Americans. Even with management, more than half of these patients report that they feel they have no control at all over their pain. That is where your chiropractor in Bethesda can help. If you’re suffering from neck pain, call today and make an appointment.

What should I expect from my appointment?

The first thing you will need to do when you come to a chiropractic clinic in Bethesda is fill out a patient history. This will consist of questions about your medical history, and the current pain or symptoms that you are experiencing. Once that is complete, you will be taken through a chiropractic exam. This is made up of 2 parts: orthopedic and neurological tests to determine things such as range of motion and muscle strength and x-rays or MRI if needed.

For neck pain, the chiropractor will also look at:

  • Carotid and vertebral arteries
  • Nerve response in the spinal cord
  • Facet joints
  • Ligaments and muscles in the neck
  • Discs in the spine

And other parts of the neck that could potentially be causing pain

Are there chiropractic and physical therapy treatments for neck pain?

There are some treatments that are commonly used by physical therapists, but many of them will only work if you are suffering from a specific condition. The use of things like cervical pillows or collars, or neck traction devices, is generally only used for the treatment of cervical disc disease. There could potentially be other applications, but this is something that you would need to discuss with your doctor.

Neck pain is uncomfortable and miserable, but it is not something that you need to suffer through. Call us today to see how we can help you manage your neck pain and improve your quality of life!

By Cory Aplin

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