Chiropractic Adjustments to Improve Your Golf Game

Many professional golfers go for chiropractic care as well as those golfers in their senior years. Lori West, a professional golfer says she owes her current golf game to chiropractic care. Two decades ago, this golfer went to a chiropractor for neck and shoulder pain. She says the care she receive has helped her golf game a great deal.

The golf swing by itself isn’t that great for the back. You need tension on the spine to have good golf swing which allows you to hit the ball far. You get the tension by stopping the hips and the shoulders rotate as you make a coil. When you hit the downswing you uncoil which is awkward for your back. This sort of movement can lead to back problems for many golfers.

Here’s some advice from chiropractors to improve your golf game and help the back:

  • Before you play ensure you stretch the groin and the hamstrings
  • Use a club and put this across your shoulders and then lean right and left
  • Get into a swing position and then bend left and right
  • Put a club behind your back and raise the club up to stretch the shoulder muscles
  • Grab a club backwards. If you swing right-handed, grab the club like you’re going to swing left-handed and go for 10 practice swings this way. You’ll stretch different muscles and this will loosen you up
  • Make sure you stretch the neck as a stiff neck stops the rest of the body from free movement
  • Any flexibility exercises will help you with your overall golf game. The muscles shorten as you get older and there’s not as much flexibility. In the winter stretch the shoulders, arms and back to get ready for the gold season.

To hit the ball well you need good balance. The health of your spine is critical to your balance and the posture. If you improve your balance you’ll be a better golfer. A set of orthotic stabilizers in the shoes can improve your balance so you have a better swing.

If you’re having problems with your golf game, a chiropractor can help you. Your body just may need some adjustments and you’ll see an improvement in your game. Contact Montgomery County Chiropractic at (301) 907-6533 for more information.

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