Chiropractic Adjustments During
Pregnancy in Bethesda


Chiropractic adjustments in Bethesda can help you with a number of physiological changes that take place during pregnancy. One such change is the shifting of the woman’s center of gravity, moving from a balanced position forward, in front of the pelvis. This shift can create a considerable amount of pressure on the pelvic joints and the lower back, resulting in pain. As the fetus grows, the additional size will cause the curvature in the lower back to become more emphasized. This along with the added weight of the baby will cause additional stress on the facet joints which are located on the back of the spine. This natural occurrence can be exacerbated by any preexisting back conditions. This extra strain on the pelvic area can result in pain, increasing the difficulty of day to day activities.

According to numerous studies, more than half of expectant mothers experience some level of back pain during their pregnancy. This is especially true during the third trimester, when the fetus will gain the most weight. Chiropractic treatments throughout the duration of your pregnancy have the potential to alleviate or even prevent lower back pain and the discomfort associated with the pregnancy. These treatments can also increase the chances for an easier and safer delivery. Our office has the exceptional training and experience to provide the proper chiropractic adjustments you will need during pregnancy.

Having a chiropractic adjustment is one of the safest ways to help you cope with the pelvic and lower back pain that is commonly associated with pregnancy. By simply restoring the natural balance a great deal of the pressure will be relieved, easing the pain and discomfort.

You should make Montgomery County Chiropractic your partner in ensuring that you have a healthy pregnancy. We have the capacity to provide the specific adjustments that you will need as well as the ability to provide the ergonomic, nutritional and exercise advice you will require to help meet your specific needs.

Tips for Pregnant Women

  • Make sure to get adjustments on a regular basis. Adequate chiropractic care is vital in maintaining a healthy nervous system and skeletal structure during your pregnancy
  • Perform light exercises on a daily basis. Some exercises that you can try are swimming, stationary cycling, walking, or other stationary cardiovascular exercises
  • Stay away from any type of jerking or bouncing movements
  • If you should feel pain, dizziness, nausea or weakness, stop your workout and seek medical attention
  • Wear comfortable and supportive footwear. Flat soled shoes with adequate arch support will provide the support you need to create spinal balance. Your feet also are highly susceptible to certain types of injuries during pregnancy; the right type of shoe will reduce the risk of such injuries.
  • When picking up children, be sure that you bend at the knee to take the pressure off of the lower back
  • Be sure to take prenatal vitamins to ensure that you get all of the proper nutrients to support a health pregnancy and delivery, giving special attention to your iron and folic acid consumption

Give Montgomery County Chiropractic a call to schedule a consultation, we are here to be a part of your supporting team.

By Cory Aplin

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