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All Kinds of Causes Of Hip Pain

The whole body is supported by your legs and hips. They give your body its stability, mobility, strength and elasticity. Any misalignment in the spine will result in leg and hip pain, causes nerve irritation and muscle spasms. Since these parts of the body get used on a regular basis, they’re often dealing with a host of stress.

Interestingly enough, people make the mistake thinking hip back is actually back pain. That’s because of the connections between the spine and pelvis. If you’re seeking relief from your pain, a chiropractor is liable to assist you if the hip pain is due to a spine misalignment.

What Happens To Cause Hip Pain?

The femur (thighbone) connects to the pelvis (hip bone) through a ball and socket joint. These bones are protected by a cushion of cartilage to stop wear. But, over time, the cartilage starts to wear down, which can result in pain and swelling.

What Kinds Of Pain Can You Exercise From Spine Misalignment?

1 – Arthritis

The most common pain that results from spine misalignment is arthritis.

2 – Fractures/Sprains

Another common hip pain occurs from fractures or sprains. It’s usually seen in older folks who suffer with osteoporosis. Fractures and spines cause swelling, rigidity and limits mobility.

3 – Excessive Sitting/Posture

Hip pain can also be the result of excessive sitting (sitting for too long) along with bad posture. When you sit too long and don’t sit correctly, it can cause the slip disk or cause the disc contents to leak due to tiny cracks that puts pressure on the tissues. The pain isn’t found just in the hips but the legs as well.

4 – Sciatica

Another possible condition that can result is sciatica, which happens when the disc is pressed against the spinal nerve, causing leg weakness and numbness. In more serious cases, surgery is necessary to eliminate the leaked disc material and ease the pressure.

How Is Hip Pain Treated?

Depending on the type of hip pain you have, a chiropractor can treat without any medication or surgery. While age-related arthritis is out of their hands, they can slow the disease progression down and delay any potential surgeries.

Your chiropractor will find out why you are suffering with hip pain – what condition is causing it. if you are suffering with a metastatic disease or fracture, the chiropractor may suggest you see another healthcare professional.

Spinal adjustments and manipulations can treat other types of hip pain. Along with that, your chiropractor may suggest certain types of exercise to assist in rehabilitation of your hip joint and soothe the misaligned parts. He/she will talk to you about work habits, posture and diet to get down to the real issue behind your hip pain.

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