Skip the Meds: How A Bethesda Chiropractor Can Help Sufferers of Upper Back Pain

Skip the Meds: How A Bethesda Chiropractor Can Help Sufferers of Upper Back Pain

Lower back pain tends to get most of the attention, but it’s certainly not the only kind of back pain people suffer with. Upper back pain is becoming a widespread problem, especially as more people sit down at a computer for a long period of time.

Why Upper Back Pain Is So Common

This back pain issue is the result of bad posture when the computer hasn’t been adjusted correctly. These days, it’s common for people to hunch themselves over their desktop computer keyboards or laptop, typing away or surfing the ‘Net. However, that’s not the only cause behind upper back pain. Any kind of sudden neck trauma (vehicle accident whiplash) can also be the cause behind one’s suffering.

This is where chiropractic care comes in handy!

How Do You Know You’re Suffering With Upper Back Pain

Upper back pain, also known as thoracic back pain, can develop over a period of time or be sudden due to an injury. The first symptoms you’ll notice include aching or stiffness between shoulder blades. You may also experience a dull pain that extends through the shoulders. This dull ache, over time, will increase in pain.

Since the upper back’s vertebrae and muscles and neck are connected closely, you may notice that you have stiffness and neck pain. The condition makes it tricky for people to move about normally – doing tasks on an everyday basis. It can even make it hard for rolling over in the bed.

Other Reasons People Suffer With Upper Back Pain

Besides bad posture, tension and stress pain can also cause upper back pain. And, it can also be the result of a rib joint dysfunction, disc injury and arthritis. Stress – physical or emotional stress – combined with bad eating, little to no exercise or environmental toxins can cause this kind of pain.

The upper spine area helps to ensure stability in the trunk, which means the pain isn’t generally the result of scoliosis. Rather, it’s generally from muscle tension and strain and a minute vertebrae dislocation.

How Upper Back Pain Can Be Treated

The most common ways people treat the pain in their upper back is with pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medications. However, these things don’t deal with the real problem, which could lead to chronic upper back pain. This is when a chiropractor should be consulted.

The pain could be the result of a chiropractic subluxation – a condition where one vertebrae is a bit out of alignment due to stress or muscle tension, which puts pressure on the nerve. A realignment of the vertebrae can help with this pain. An experienced chiropractor can relieve the pain associated with joint dysfunction and muscle strain that causes the upper back pain. He/she will also come up with an effective treatment strategy geared toward your needs. This could include changes to your diet and exercise along with chiropractic adjustments.

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