Bethesda Chiropractic Care for Your Elbow Pain

For the relief of elbow pain, chiropractic care can help. Chiropractic care can help you avoid surgery or the use of medications to treat your condition. This type of care treats the symptoms and not just the pain. By working to correct the structural comments such as the muscles and bones of the elbow, you have less problems in the future as well as get the pain relief you need right now.

In the elbow joint we have three bones the forearm or radius, the lower arm or ulna, and the upper arm or humerus. We are able to move the arm due to the ball and socket joint of the elbow in numerous ways. The joint is complex so there’s a high risk of injury such as irritation, sprains, strains, and issues with inflammation. Elbow pain is usually caused by overexertion, overuse, genetics, or some sort of degenerative disease.

Chiropractors see many common elbow problems lie golfers elbow, tennis elbow and bursitis. We call tennis elbow lateral epicondylitis which is a type of tendonitis resulting from the misuse of the tendons and muscles that connect our forearm muscles. Tennis is a repetitive motion so there can only be small pain at first before even squeezing small objects can be quite difficult and the condition is unlikely to just go away on its own. Treatment by a chiropractor will often involves rest, ice, massage, exercise, and some sort go joint manipulation.

Golfer’s elbow is similar, but the inside of the elbow is usually associated with it and repetitive motion causes it or one incorrect and violent swing of a golf club. Carpenters are also prone to this condition and the treatment for the condition is similar to that of tennis elbow.

The inflammation of the bursae or the joints shock absorbers, is what we call bursitis. At the end of the elbow we have the elbow bursa. This is located between the loose skin and the bones. This condition is caused by trauma, infection, leaning, or some sort of medical condition like rheumatoid arthritis. If this is left untreated then pain can occur as well as difficulty moving the elbow. Ultrasound and ice are the common treatment for the condition.

A chiropractor can help people that experience elbow pain. You need to consult your chiropractor to diagnose, treat, and find relief from your condition. Contact Montgomery County Chiropractic at (301) 907-6533 to schedule an appointment.

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