Bethesda Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

CTS or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome gets its name from the carpal bone sin our wrist that form a tunnel around the nerve that leads into the hand. Forceful and respective movements can result in the CTS condition. Pinching of the median nerve occurs and there can be swelling that occurs around the tendons. This can cause lack of muscle strength, painful tingling, lack of hand control, and pain that shoots from the hand into the shoulder. People that work on computers are at risk for CTS, assembly line workers, and anyone else that receives micro-traumas to the wrists and hands on a daily basis. CTS is caused by poor positioning, respective, forceful movements and any stressful activity to the wrists and hands.

CTS treatments usually require surgery or heavy medications. There are some alternative treatments that can help with symptoms and lessen the impacts of CTS. The use of chiropractic care has been studied against regular non-surgical care and this was found to be an effective way of dealing with CTS. This can help those that don’t want to rely on medications to treat their pain problems.

When the median nerve of the wrist is trapped this causes the CTS to occur. It connects to the spinal cord through openings in the bones in areas around your lower neck. If the bone sin the spinal cord lose their motion or position they cause problems in the fingers and the wrist. Chiropractic care are reset the bones to the right position and this can help with CTS.

If CTS is detected in an early stage, then the individual is able in most cases to avoid surgery. Chiropractic care can include many different methods such as ice, rest, electrical stimulation, ultrasound and other treatments like:

  • Chiropractic manipulation therapy of the upper spine and elbow where there’s manipulation of the soft tissue of the joints
  • Vitamin supplements such as B6 which has been shown to help CTS over the long-term
  • Using electro-acupuncture as a treatment which has been shown to have a lot of success. It limits the flexion and extension in the hand and compresses the median nerve. This can help with tendon swelling and an individual can have a better recovery
  • Wrist and hand exercises that can help with recovery
  • Looking at the ergonomics of the work area and reducing the amount of stress that the hands and wrists go through on a daily basis

Recent studies have shown that manual therapy like soft tissue mobilization can improve symptoms and signs of CTS. There’s an improvement in wrist strength, conduction latencies, and motion.

CTS is a serious problem and if it’s left unchecked, then surgery may be required. Chiropractic care offers a drug-free and effective way to address CTS so there’s less pain and long-term CTS relief. For further information contact Montgomery County Chiropractic.

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