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According to a recent estimate, Americans spend $86 billion each year to care for sore backs. This includes everything from pain pills, to acupuncture, and nerve blocks. There was little evidence that the patients actually got better as bills continued to climb during this estimate and survey.

This is probably a situation that is similar to your own if you’ve tried to find relief from your back pain. There are some things we can take from this research into back pain problems. These points can help you and your health care provider find relief for your back problems.

  • Back pain is a widespread issue in the U.S., but the problem varies depending upon the individual. A treatment that works for you, may not work for someone else. A healthcare provider can analyze your individual symptom and work on a treatment plan for you. Which may involve alternative therapies.
  • It usually just takes time to heal from back pain and an estimated 90% will recover from issues with back pain. You need to look at all noninvasive options before surgery if the back pain is chronic.
  • Exercise is great for back pain, but it has to be the right type of exercise. You need an expert to help you find the right program so you can function and manage the pain.
  • Your attitude and motivation also play a role in how well the back treatment goes. You have to stay focused on the plan and work through your pain. You want to be able to get back to your normal level of activity as soon as you can. If you go into treatment with a positive outlook, you’ll usually get better in less time.
  • You may want to find a neutral third party like your family doctor to provide advice on the various specialists that can help you so you know your choices. You always want more opinions when back surgery is being considered for you.

Back pain can be complex and it’s hard to treat. There are no instant results that we have come to expect for conditions. Many advance procedures just aren’t doing enough for back pain issues for many people. These treatments cost a lot of money which is being wasted. There needs to be smarter decisions made about back pain treatment options. Some things that need to be considered include:

  • We need to consider that we may be “over treating” back pain issues. We are using the wrong tools for back pain problems and overcomplicating the situation.
  • There are many factors that go into back pain. Some of these have to do with lifestyle choices and how we look after our health in general. We need to be willing to work on back pain prevention.

A Chiropractor Can Help You

If you or someone you know has back pain you need to talk to a chiropractor. These physicians are licensed to diagnose and treat conditions that cause back pain issues. They can perform a spinal adjustment that can help give you relief from back pain. This is one of the primary ways these physicians deal with issues of back pain in individual patients and is recognized as a solid back pain therapy. Research shows that manipulative therapy and spinal adjustments are effective and safe. This treatment can also produce result faster than other treatment options with less cost to the patient and without the use of drugs or surgery.

Many chiropractors are also skilled at providing exercise and nutrition programs for patients. They work to promote a healthy lifestyle so an individual is free from issues with back pain and has a better life as a result. For further information contact our team at Montgomery County Chiropractic today.

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