Avid Bethesda Cyclists Can Get Relief
From Pain With Chiropractic Help

Competitive and recreational cyclists often experience burning in their shoulders, numbness in their hands and arms and neck tightness, ignoring the symptoms at first but finding it keeps them from enjoying the training they’ve become accustomed to. Regular cycling can also cause lower and upper back issues. You may be wondering if a chiropractor can help with these types of problems.

In one word… yes! On top of that, chiropractors can stop injuries from happening as well as boosting efficiency, strength and speed. Athletes, in whatever sport, can get help from a highly experienced chiropractor with prevention, treatment, maintenance and rehabilitation.

How Chiropractors Help Cyclists With Their Body?

Chiropractors provide an array of skills that cyclists can take advantage of along with their basic musculoskeletal experience. Both basic and specific skills are important to successful cyclist treatment, as everything in cycling connects together – muscles, nerves and joints.

If none of the issues are dealt with at once time, the symptoms, injury and pain are going to continue. Chiropractors that specialize in sports medicine are going to be a cyclist’s best bet. They work with adjunct professionals – physical therapists and sports trainers – as necessary to deal with your needs.

What Are Some Treatments To Deal With Cyclist Issues?

There are a number of solutions that address to a cyclist’s problem, which can include”

  • Stretches
  • Exercises
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Adjustment combinations

If you’re suffering with low back pain, the chiropractor may feel the issue is the result of hip rotation. Adjusting the sacroiliac joints can help but you’ll also need to do some strengthening and stretching exercises to deal with the muscle tightness and weakness. You can stabilize the joint by doing strengthening exercises with stretching can lengthen the muscles to keep them from tightening when they’re stressed out.

How Patients Are Key To The Recovery Process

It’s very important patients follow through with their care when it comes to recovery from cycling pain or injury. While a chiropractor can make multiple adjustments, if strengthening and stretching exercises are not carried out, there is likely not to be any real relief.

A chiropractor that focuses his/her attention on sports medicine could assist you in getting the right type of bicycle – the type that doesn’t cause strain on your body – bicycle size, seat placement, cycling posture and handlebar height. All of these things can have an impact on your body’s performance.

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