Arthritis Doesn’t Mean Slow Down

If you have arthritis or know someone that does you can still live an active life and manage your condition. Many in the past have accepted that arthritis is a part of aging and have taken the standard prescriptions such as drug therapies and bed rest. Today, physicians recognize that exercise as well as proper nutrition play a role in how a person manages their arthritis and there are also more treatment options. A chiropractor can also play a role in your management of arthritis. A chiropractor can help you manage pain and lead a more independent life.

Lifestyle and Arthritis

Arthritis is a complicated problem and it’s not just one medical condition. It refers to the inflammation of the joints and other areas of the body. There are about 100 “rheumatic diseases”, such as osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, and rheumatoid arthritis. These conditions impact bones, muscles, joints, cartilage and other tissues. Arthritis doesn’t just impact older people as younger individuals can get it too. The CDC or U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicate that about 22% of American adults which is 50 million have some sort of arthritis condition. There are many symptoms associated with arthritis such as stiffness, swelling, pain, and a loss of joint function in some cases.

Many recognize arthritis as a problem, but don’t understand just how widespread the problem is. People that have this condition experience problems each day with simple tasks such as opening packages or even buttoning a shirt. Those that have arthritis may even have less mobility so they can’t participate in things they love to do. In October 2009, the Orthopedic Surgeons issued a Bulletin that stated that arthritis is a more frequent cause of activity limitation than cancer, diabetes, or heart disease. It’s said that 21 million American face some sort of disability due to arthritis. Statistics like these indicate that we need to address arthritis in more ways than just pain relief if we want to treat this problem successfully.

Arthritis typically presents as a cascading condition with muscle soreness, reduced flexibility, joint pain and weakness. Chiropractic care addresses these issues through massage of the sore muscles, assisted stretching, joint mobilization and strengthening procedures.

Don’t let Arthritis slow you down! With the proper treatment, arthritis pain can be significantly reduced or eliminated completely, without the use of drugs or surgery.

How a Chiropractor Can Help with Arthritis

Medication and rest are usually the first steps in managing arthritis. If you have this problem a chiropractor can actually help you. A chiropractic physician can well with a long-term approach to your problem and look at it in two specific ways:

An exercise program can be designed to meet your requirements. Goals are usually set that work to restore movement to the joints, improve endurance and flexibility, and making sure you have more strength and muscle tone. Clinical studies indicate that inactivity of the joints can make arthritis more stuff and painful. A good exercise program can help you manage arthritis and reduce symptoms.

Certain changes in diet can be beneficial for arthritis sufferers. This can help with the inflammation of your joints. Some foods will suppress the inflammatory response in the body, while other foods increase this response. A good diet can reduce swelling, pain, and redness associated with arthritis.

A chiropractor can help you make adjustments to the diet and exercise program as you progress through treatment so you find relief.

You Need Communication

Some supplements and physical activity can actually harm you depending upon the type of arthritis you have, the condition of the joints, and the current treatment you’re going through. You need to communicate with those looking after your arthritis such as a family doctor and your chiropractor. This will help you achieve results in a safe manner that works for your individual case.

Arthritis can vary depending upon the individual so this is why it’s necessary to talk with your healthcare provider to develop a program that will work the best for your circumstances. Contact Montgomery County Chiropractic at (301) 907-6533 for more information.

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